Sergi Herrando

S. Herrando

Institution : Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia
Role in the project : Research team member involved in Task 1.3, Task 4.1, Task 4.3 and Task 4.4
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| Research interest |

Ornithology, indicators, monitoring, Mediterranean

| Some recent publications |

Herrando, S.,  Weiserbs, A., Quesada, J., Ferrer, X., Paquet, J.–Y., 2012. Development of urban bird indicators using data from monitoring schemes in two large European cities.  Animal Biodiversiy and Conservation, 35.1: 141-150

 Brotons, L. & Herrando, S. 2011. Population estimates: towards standardised protocols as a basis for comparability. Ardeola 58(2): 365-370.

Clavero, M., Brotons, L. & Herrando, S. 2011. Bird community specialization, bird conservation and disturbance: the role of wildfires. Journal of Animal Ecology. 80: 128-136.