Nicolas Titeux

N. Titeux

Institution : Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia
Role in the project : Research team member involved in Task 1.3, Task 4.1, Task 4.3 and Task 4.4
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| Research interest |

The emphasis of my research activities is on understanding and predicting the impact of global change on ecological patterns and processes across a range of spatial scales and in human-modified environments

| Some recent publications |

Martin Y., Van Dyck H., Dendoncker N. & Titeux N. (2013) Testing instead of assuming the importance of land use change scenarios to model species distributions under climate change. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 22, 1204-1216.

Hollander F.A., Titeux N. & Van Dyck H. (2013) Habitat-dependent prey availability and offspring provisioning explain an ecological trap in a migratory bird. Functional Ecology, 27, 702-709.

Hollander F.A., Van Dyck H., San Martin G. & Titeux N. (2011) Maladaptive habitat selection of a migratory passerine bird in a human-modified landscape. PLoS ONE, 6(9), e25703.

Maes D., Titeux N., Hortal J., Anselin A., Beckers K., Decleer K, De Knijf G., Fichefet V. & Luoto M. (2010) Predicted insect diversity declines under climate change in an already impoverished region. Journal of Insect Conservation, 14, 485-498.