Gerard Bota

Gerard Bota

Institution: Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia
Role in the project: Research team member involved in Task 1.3, Task 4.1, Task 4.3 and Task 4.4

| Research interest |

Research objectives are focused on the study of interactions between agriculture and farmland bird. Further I seek then how to link species biology to the implementation of conservation criteria in heavily transformed farming landscapes.

| Some recent publications |

Garcia J.T., Mañosa S., Morales M.B, Ponjoan A., García de la Morena E.L., Bota G., Bretagnolle V., Dávila J.A. (2011): Genetic consequences of  interglacial isolation in a steppe bird. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, doi: 10.1016/j.ympev.2011.07.017.

Mcmahon B J, Giralt D, Raurell M, Brotons L and Bota G (2010): Identifying set-aside features for bird conservation and management in northeast Iberian pseudo-steppes, Bird Study, 57: 3, 289 — 300.

Bota, G., Morales, M. B., Manyosa, S. & Camprodon, J. (ed.) (2005): Ecology and Conservation of Steppe-land Birds. Lynx Edicions, Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universitat de Barcelona. Barcelona.