David Giralt

D. Giralt

Institution: Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia
Role in the project: Research team member involved in Task 4.3
Email: david.giralt@ctfc.cat

| Research interest |

Ornithology, farmland, steppe land birds, population viability

| Some recent publications |

Kvist, L., Giralt, D., Valera, F., Hoi, H., Kristin, A., Darchiashvili, G, Lovaszi, P., 2011. Population decline is accompained with loss of genetic diversity in the Lessser Grey Shrike Lanius minor. Ibis 153: 98-109.

McMahon, B.J., Giralt, D., Raurell, M., Brotons, L. & Bota, G., 2010. Identifying set-asides features for bird conservation and management in north-eastern Iberian pseudo-steppes. Bird Study, 57 (3): 289-300.

Giralt, D., Brotons, Ll, Valera, F., Kristin, A. 2008. The role of natural habitats in agricultural systems for bird conservation: the case of the threatened Lesser Grey Shrike.Biodiversity and Conservation v.17, nº8:1997-2012.